Seven ideas to get a Data Science Interview:

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The first step in the Data Science Job search is to search for data science jobs! So we wanted to put together a list of resources and ideas that would help you land a data science interview:

These ideas can be broadly classified into two categories:

  1. Traditional Approaches: These are time-tested approaches to land a job interview
  2. Modern Approaches: Sometimes you need to hustle and employ some modern approaches to get an interview

Traditional Approach to get a Data Science Job Interview:

  • Apply via Job Boards:

Applying through job boards is a tried and tested way to get a job! There are two types of job boards: Horizontal & Vertical.

Horizontal job boards appeal to all industries and all roles. Example: LinkedIn, Indeed, Career Builder, Monster, Etc.

Vertical Job boards appeal to few Industries and certain roles. Example: Kaggle JobKDNuggets Job, Data Science Cental Jobs.

  • Work with a Recruiter

There might be few jobs that don’t make it to Job Boards so it’s a good idea to work with few recruiters who specialize in Data Science and Technology to help you find the right companies. You can search on LinkedIn for “Data Science Recruiters” to find them.

  • Employee Referrals

If you can get an employee referral then that’s one of the best ways to get the foot in the door! To seek employee referrals, you can consider inviting people from your network to lunch/coffee and learn about their job, company & roles and focus on figuring out how your skills might align with they might be looking for.

Tip for students: If you are in school, Job Fairs replace this since you might not have a sizeable network at this point. Also, reach out to Alumni networks and they may be able to help as well.

Modern Approach to get a Data Science Job Interview:

  • Attend an Event/Hackathon/Conference

You need to find people that are part of the data science community and they would help you find opportunities — to connect with the community members, you can attend Events, Conferences or Hackathons

Events and Data Hackathons can be found on

Conference list can be found here on KD Nuggets and on Quora.

  • Participate in Data Science competitions

Data Science competition platforms like Kaggle and DataKind allow you to work with real corporate and social problems — these platforms are a great way to show your skills and build your network of peers and get invited to job interviews.

  • Bootcamps designed to help you with job search

There are startups like Springboard and Galvanize that provide boot camps which are designed to help with job search. Signing up for one of those might be worth considering!

  • Participate in Forums/Open-source projects

Popular Data Science Tools like R and Python have a vibrant open source communities and they maintain a public list of contributors. These lists are often scouted by hiring managers and recruiters to see if they can find talent for their organizations.

Also, there are forums like where community asks questions and answering questions here can not only help you build up your knowledge but also help you build a network. Make sure to take advantage of that.


We hope the resources shared in this blog helps you get interview calls from your dream companies! And when you do, we want you to be prepared; that’s why we created — Sign up today so when the call comes you are well prepared!