One Must-know Data Science Interview question:

There is one question that you must prepare thoroughly for your data science interviews. It may be simple but answering this well is key to cracking your data science interview!

The question is:

Why do you want to do data science at our company?

why data science at our company?

Interviewers love asking this question! Why? Because it helps them:

  1. Get the conversation started
  2. Understand your motivation to join their company & team
  3. Understand how your skills will help their company & team

So you want to make sure that you answer all of this and structure your answer properly; you shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes for this and here’s a sample structure to get you started.

I <3 this company

  • First, talk about why you love the company. This is where your research will pay off! Talk about why you connect to vision/mission of the company OR how you are an active user/evangelist of the product.

Example: I love Google because I am a power user of multiple google products; Also I connect deeply with the mission to organize world’s information.

I <3 this culture!

  • Second, now talk about what you know about the culture of the company and why you would be a great fit. Figure out the culture code of the company and map your strengths and highlight that.

Example: Based on talking with friends working here, I know that this is a culture that I will thrive in! For example. I know that Amazon values ‘customer obsession’ and I strive to make sure my customers are taken care of and I gain their trust; I also love other cultural values that this company shares and it’s a great personal fit.

I have the skills!

  • Third, talk about you can add value to the company as a data scientist; you should map your skills with the role that you are applying for and also say that based on the problems that the company is facing, you have the skills to help solve those.

Example: I noticed that needs someone to take ownership and this is something that I am good at. At my previous job, I led and owned the data science projects for Department X and went above and beyond to help them succeed with data science. I also noticed that with the hyper-growth that the company is seeing, you will be looking for leaders to own and take more responsibilities; And I would love to step-up to be that person for you & the team.

Now that you have read through this, I have one action item for you:

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