3 steps to get a Data Science Job:

Let’s break down the problem of landing a Data Science Job. The formula looks like this:

# of Job offers received


# of Jobs applications * % of interview invites * % of successful interviews

This equation gives your 3 things that you can optimize for to increase your odds of receiving a job offer. Let’s expand on that a little bit more:

  1. # of Job Applications:

    We wrote an article earlier “Seven ideas to get data science Interviews” which you can use as a starting point too. In that article we discuss following ideas to find data science jobs that you can apply to:

    • Job Boards (LinkedIn, Glassdoor, KDNuggets, Kaggle Jobs, Etc)
    • Recruiters
    • Employee Referrals <– This is our Favorite!
    • Conference/events
    • Competitions
    • Boot-camps
    • Open Source Projects
  2. % of Interview Invites:

    Now once you have applied to jobs, track how many of those applications get converted to an invite to speak w/ the hiring manager! If it’s too low then it could be because of three things: 1) Job Applications method 2) Job Description Mismatch 3) Poor Resume. So Let’s dive deeper:

    • If you have tried just job boards with no success then try other ideas too. Find a recruiter OR get an employee referral through your network.
    • Also, make sure that you are applying to jobs that you are qualified for. For example: If it says “Sr Data Scientist” and you are a new grad then you are not going to get invited. Find jobs that are a good fit.
    • Also, keep working on your Resume/CV. Keep improving it. Here are some tips to help you with that: “5 Tips to improve your Data Science Resume” and “What do Hiring Managers look for in a Data Science CV?
  3. % of successful interviews:

    Now, the last step to convert those job interviews into a job offer! This would be a long process which might involve multiple steps: HR Phone Interviews, Tech Phone Interviews, Take-Home Case Studies, On-site Interview loop so you need to be prepared for all of that! Our platform helps your practice data science interviews with a peer to help you convert these job interviews! Once you are ready, check it out on MockInterview.co 


In this article, we broke down the process of getting the data science job into 3 steps and shared our tips to help you increase your odds of getting a data science job! Let us know if you have any questions: contact@MockInterview.co

Good luck!