Sample Data Science Interview questions from Facebook:

We analyzed the Interview experiences of data scientists at Facebook posted on Glassdoor and posted common interview questions on our Sample Interview Questions site.

The questions fall in one of the four themes:

  1. SQL Questions
  2. Probability and Statistics 101 questions
  3. Product-Intuition questions
  4. Machine learning & engineering questions

facebook data scientist

Also, the questions that you get if you are interviewing will depend on which type of data scientist that you are applying for:

  1. Data Science [Software engineering]: Questions are common coding questions and machine learning focused
  2. Data Science [Analytics]: Questions are SQL and Product Intuition focused
  3. Data Science [Research]: Questions are Statistics and Machine learning engineering focused

Also, it’s common to receive a take-home challenge. So check out Five tips here: Five tips for Take-home data science challenge 

With that background, here are common interview questions for data science roles at Facebook:

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