Jobs Referrals are back!

I am excited to announce that job referrals are back! We will be offering job referrals to Amazon Data Science/Analytics jobs for qualified candidates.

If you qualify, you will be referred by existing employees which would massively increase your chances of getting an interview invite!

Amazon data science jobs

If you are interested, please follow TWO simple steps below:

  1. Take at lease ONE Data Science Mock Interview on our platform within next 10 days — it’s FREE!
    • If you are new to the platform, please read the FAQ’s that walks you through how to sign up for your first mock interview
  2. After your Mock Interview, you will receive a Survey asking for the feedback about the platform. It would look the image below:
    • Please reply to this survey with your feedback along with two things:
      • Your updated resume
      • Link(s)/URL to amazon job application from Amazon Careers Website.
        • Please limit to just 3 jobs
        • Select jobs that you are most qualified for

mock interview data science

That’s about it! Based on your resume and the jobs that you are interested, we will let you know if you are qualified for a referral!

Schedule a Mock Interview now!

Frequently asked questions: 

  1. Is there any cost? Answer: No, it’s completely free.
  2. Are intern applications allowed? Yes!

Let us know if you have any questions. Our email: