• What is MockInterview.co?

MockInterview.co is an online platform where data scientists practice interviews. They do that by interviewing each other.

  • How does it work?

After you sign up, you can see a list of available meeting proposals for 1-1 mock interviews with your peers. If you don’t see a date/time slot that works for you then you can propose new meetings too.

Each user will act as both interviewer and interviewee in a Mock Interview

  • How long is the Mock Interview?

A mock interview session is scheduled for 90 minutes.

One of you will be selected as the first interviewer (and the other side as the interviewee); After 45 minutes you will switch roles.

  • How do I prepare for interviewing my peer? 

We have a question & answer library here:  Data Science Interview Questions library — you could use that as a starting point. And as you are interviewing your peer, feel free to dive deeper to get more details.

  • What is Events Dashboard? And how do I sign up?

Events dashboard is a tool to help you schedule your mock interviews. It let’s you sign up for existing meeting proposals or submit new meeting proposals.

You can sign up for Events dashboard by following the Link: Events Dashboard

Once you are on this page, click on the Login link:

Login Mock Interview

And then you can either sign up using Email/Password OR google account:

  • How do I sign up for existing meeting proposals?

Once you are logged into Events dashboard, you can browse all open meeting proposals and sign up for meetings that have an open slot:

  • How do I add my meeting proposals?

If you can’t find a date/time slot that works for you on the Events dashboard, then feel free to add your own meeting proposal. You can do so on the Events dashboard as well:

Data Science mock interview

  • What happens after I sign up for a meeting?

You will receive an email confirmation with all the details that you need to join your mock interview!

  • What is “Requested Topics for Mock Interview” feature?

This feature was added based on feedback from our users; it helps with better user matching. For example: If someone lists “R” as their requested topic for mock interview and you are a “Python” person then that isn’t the best peer matching! To that end, by publishing this information, we hope that our users can sign up for mock interviews with topics that align best with what they are looking for in a practice.

  • How many mock interviews can I sign up for?

You can sign up for unlimited mock interviews during your subscription!

  • What if my peer doesn’t show up; What do I do next?

We apologize that you had a bad experience! We ask you to let us know and we will ban users that don’t show up for confirmed interviews.

  • I have more questions! How do I contact you?

Please use the Contact us form.