How did you got into data science and why do you want to work here?

Data Science Interview QuestionsCategory: Data ScienceHow did you got into data science and why do you want to work here?
Paras Doshi asked 7 years ago
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Paras answered 7 years ago

You can talk about your background a little bit & how you got interested in data science.
For part 2, why this company then:
The answer for this will vary based on the company that I am interviewing at. But here’s a framework that I use:
1. I love the Product/Service/Company: I will talk about why I love the product/service/company and how I can connect to the mission/vission of the organization.
2. I love the culture: I will talk about the why I am fit culurally. I will try to map my strengths to company’s culture code and talk about why I am great culture fit and why I would love to work for the team. I would also talk about the data science talent and how I have thrived partnering with teams like this in the past.
3. This is a perfect role for me: I will then talk about why my skills x & y map back to the what the role demands and why it’s a great fit for me that leverages my skills and passion.
I try to figure out where I can add value to the company and how I can be an asset and use all of that research to answer this question.

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