We give you access to our data. How would you get started on day 1?

Data Science Interview QuestionsCategory: Data ScienceWe give you access to our data. How would you get started on day 1?
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MockInterview Staff answered 7 years ago

Here’s a sample template: 

  1. Find out the business problems and/or key strategic initiatives that your team/company is dealing with
  2. Prioritize High-Impact & Low-complexity problem first and then get a deeper understanding of that problem
  3. Now, you start forming hypothesis and/or break down the problem into manageable chunks/steps
  4. You start data exploration to address those chunks/steps identified in step #3
  5. You complete building a data science model or ad-hoc data analysis depending on what’s needed 
  6. You compile everything together and create a story and/or recommendations to share 
  7. You share your work and make sure it’s adopted and acted upon — you iterate if need be

Sruthi answered 7 years ago

I would try to analyze the data first and see how the business processes are aligned with respect to data. Is it customer data or product related information, I would try to get a clear picture.

Vishal Srivastava answered 7 years ago

At first,I will do EDA and then will goahead accordingly.

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