What experiment would you run to implement new features on Facebook?

Data Science Interview QuestionsCategory: Data ScienceWhat experiment would you run to implement new features on Facebook?
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MockInterview Staff answered 4 years ago

– A/B testing: group A not having the new feature, group B have

    – For the feature itself:
        – Adoption rate for people in group B (using the new feature, or being navigated to ads, etc. through this feature)
        – Track behaviors of users: based on the point above, % of users continue using the feature after switching to it; does the new feature make users stay longer in Messenger? does the new feature make users send more messages? reach out to more friends?
        – Add questionnaire after users using the new feature (overall satisfaction, how it compares to old version, etc.)

    – For messenger app and facebook:
        – Does the new feature motivate more people to download Messenger or even Facebook (people who have not used messenger could have heard of this new feature and decide to try using messenger, or even Facebook app)
        – Does the new feature help Facebook’s users spend more time on FB and generate more activities?
        – Does the new feature potentially motivate people to browse more ads, or access more FB’s other features?

Source: JJ on Apr 10, 2017

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